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  • Forensic Face Comparison Training - Webinar sponsored by MorphoTrak

Forensic Face Comparison Training - Webinar sponsored by MorphoTrak

  • 30 Jun 2016
  • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM (UTC+02:00)
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  • Free for all attendees as this webinar is sponsored by MorphoTrak, LLC. http://usa.morpho.com/public-security/facial-recognition/forensic-face-comparison-training

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Forensic Face Comparison Training - An Essential Overview

When an automated face recognition solution is used for investigation or vetting purposes, it presents the reviewers or examiners with potential matches. It is up to the human reviewers to decide whether two facial images belong to the same individual.

This 3 hour webinar is FREE for all attendees thanks to the sponsorship of MorphoTrak. This webinar will give attendees an introduction to Facial Identification and Comparison. A brief overview of the history, principles, and anatomy will be covered, culminating in a review of the dominant methods of comparison used in Facial Recognition and Identification.

To register for the webinar, please use the following link:



For more information about the full training course, please visit: http://usa.morpho.com/public-security/facial-recognition/forensic-face-comparison-training


Dr. Nicole Spaun is Principal Facial Biometric Expert for MorphoTrak’s Criminal Justice and Public Security unit. She received degrees from Boston University and Brown University in Planetary Geology while working with NASA’s Galileo mission. Dr. Spaun continued her research at NASA’s Ames Research Center. After the attacks of 9/11 she switched from space to security, working as a Forensic Image Examiner at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). She specialized in biometrics and developed the FBI’s first Facial Identification course. Her expertise lead to her election as the first chair of the Training subcommittee for the Facial Identification Scientific Working Group (FISWG). Dr. Spaun left the FBI to become the first Biometrics Program Manager for intelligence for the US Army in Europe (USAREUR).






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